Brian Kemp asked for a show of hands at the Republican rally Monday of how many had already cast their votes.

A vast majority had.

Kemp hopes to “offset the blue wave with a red wall” and would need to do so by running up the numbers in reliably conservative areas like Walton County. That’s what brought him and Gov. Nathan Deal to rally support a week before Tuesday’s general election.

Of course, Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams was in town Friday trying to chip away at the base and find disillusioned voters. Both Abrams and Kemp are trying to reach all 159 counties in the final days of the race, and both are calling in the big guns — President Donald Trump will appear with Kemp in Macon on Sunday, two days after former President Barack Obama takes the stage in Atlanta with Abrams.

While the governor’s race has gotten so much attention, the down-ballot races are important too. And, we’re hearing from people close to the candidates in some of them that those could be down to the wire as well.

Every vote is going to matter in 2018. Don’t sit this one out.

Our View is the opinion of the Walton Tribune editorial board, which includes Owner Patrick Graham and Editor and Publisher David Clemons.

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