There’s been much gnashing of teeth over the page-one story in the weekend paper, written by yours truly, about the record-smashing number of people who’ve asked for paper ballots to vote by mail in the upcoming primaries.

I just don’t get it.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised. After all, heads are turned by bad memes these days and the worst making the rounds lately says that if we can stand in line at Walmart and Target, we can stand in line to vote.

That’s ridiculous. Walmart, Target and the like have bent over backwards to make it easier to do business with them during these days of a pandemic. Curbside pickup anyone?

Why should we make it harder to vote?

House Speaker David Ralston answered that when he said the quiet part out loud: Voting by mail would be “extremely devastating to Republicans and conservatives.”

People continue to raise fears of fraud, but the numbers just don’t back that up as true. There are no proven cases of widespread vote-by-mail fraud, and even if there were, one party is just as likely as the other to pull off the scam.

The fact is, we make it way too difficult to vote in this country.

Let’s not make voting by mail a product of a pandemic. Let’s do it in November, and again in two years when we vote for governor.

It shouldn’t take trekking to the electric co-op, a church fellowship hall or courthouse to vote when people can do it from home.