Rep. Jody Hice didn’t attend the president’s address to a joint session of Congress last week.

But he did watch and did not care much for what he saw.

You probably could have figured that, but Hice and I talked briefly Thursday morning, hours after President Joe Biden made his first such speech on Capitol Hill. Needless to say, Hice was not impressed with the president’s grand plans.

“Where does it stop?” Hice said. “We’re going to give money away from pre-K through college … and on the other end he’s taking credit for things President Trump did.”

To Hice, Biden is not living up to his inaugural ideals of “unity.” Given an invitation to the White House, Hice knows what he’d say.

“I would be much more diplomatic than this, but the bottom line is, get off our back,” he said. “Quit dictating everything of the American people’s lives instead of taking these rights away from the First Amendment to the Second Amendment and the rights to privacy we have enjoyed since our founding.”

It’s a stark contrast to our two new senators, who saw echoes of a Reagan-esque revolution thanks to Biden.

“For a year our nation has been in a long, dark winter, and thanks to Georgia, morning is on the horizon,” Sen. Raphael Warnock said. “Now we are finally starting down the road to recovery.”

In our congressman and two senators — Warnock and Jon Ossoff — we get two very different takes on the direction our nation is going. That, I suppose, is to be expected as the political divide continues to widen.

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