Picture it: February 1995. Members of my eighth grade class took the trip to Washington to see the sites and let those American history lessons sink in.

We saw the Lincoln Memorial and read the words of the Gettysburg Address I’d had to memorize and recite for a grade.

I learned from the tour bus driver that the Washington Monument is 555 feet, 5 1/8 inches tall, and I always look for the line about a third of the way up where construction was halted during the Civil War.

And then my classmates and I stormed the Capitol. I even got to put my feet up on Speaker Newt Gingrich’s desk!

Man, the thrill in our teacher’s eyes when she saw the lectern we took for her. I’ll never forget it.

Wait, of course none of that happened for us at the Capitol. We just gawked like little slack-jawed idiots looking for the gift shop.

We left the gallows at home, which is more than you can say for the riots that happened on Jan. 6 outside the Capitol, during the disruption of a joint session of Congress.

Rep. Andrew Clyde, a Republican from Jackson County, was there. He should know better, as he was photographed trying to barricade the door of the House Chambers. But now he’s pushing the narrative that it was a day filled with visits by people stopping by in an “orderly fashion,” similar to a “normal tourist visit.”

(I’m not sure how we got from the party line of it being antifa thugs disguised as supporters of Donald Trump to just normal visitors from the Heartland, but these things change quickly.)

Anyway, there is an all-out effort to cover up what happened. Don’t fall for it.

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A friend of mine was present in DC on January 6th and witnessed what happened. It was indeed outside agitators that instigated the trouble at the capitol. yes there were supporters of President Trump who were caught up in it and should be punished.

Compared to the riots in many American cities last summer including DC it was a mostly peaceful protest.

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