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All In!

The 2018-19 United Way of Walton County campaign brochure highlights the theme, 'All In!' To get a copy, or find out how you can get all in for United Way and the local organizations it supports, call the United Way office at 678-635-7132.

Your United Way of Walton County is a local organization.

Let me say that again:Your United Way of Walton County is a local organization.

Wait a minute, Graham, you might be thinking. Everyone knows the United Way is a national charity. It’s got chapters all over the country. Not just Walton County. It can’t be local.

There are chapters all over the country, I would respond, but the fact of the matter is the United Way of Walton County is as local a charity as you can get.

Here’s why.

All of the money raised by the United Way is raised here locally. The 10 agencies that receive the money raised in Walton County are here locally. All of the United Way volunteers and staff members who help raise the money and allocate it to the agencies are your friends and neighbors locally here in Walton County.

See where I’m going with this?

The United Way of Walton County held its annual campaign kickoff Wednesday during the monthly Chamber Luncheon held at the Monroe Golf & Country Club. Staff writer Andrew Kenneson has a well-done front-page story providing details about the kickoff and the United Way.

Here is what I’d like you to know about the United Way of Walton County: There is no better bang for your giving buck than the United Way. Period.

Every dollar you donate will help 10 different local agencies who touch a third of the county’s population every single year with a wide range of services. The youngest among us, oldest among us, the most in need all benefit from the services provided by the agencies.

The 10 United Way of Walton County agencies are A Child’s Voice Child Advocacy Center, Boys & Girls Clubs of North Central Gerogia, Empty Stocking Fund, Faith In Serving Humanity (FISH), Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia, Northeast Georgia Council Boy Scouts of America, Project Renewal Domestic Violence Intervention Program, Shepherd’s Staff Ministry, Unlimited Services and Walton County Senior Citizens Council.

These are the only 10 agencies that will receive any of the money you decide to contribute to the United Way.

Couldn’t you just give your donation directly to the agency of your choosing? Of course. That’s an option. But then you are only going to help one agency with your donation rather than 10, which is why donating to the United Way is a much better bang for your buck.

This year’s campaign chair Mike Robison, principal at Loganville High School, is asking the community to go “all in” with its support for the United Way and its agencies.

If you’d like to help by conducting a payroll deduction campaign at your business or just want to make a donation, please contact me at 770-267-2443 or at patrick.graham@ waltontribune.com and we’ll make it happen.

The United Way needs you to go all in, Walton County. More importantly, these agencies and those they serve do.

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