Patrick Graham is the owner of The Walton Tribune, The Covington News, The Sand Mountain Reporter (Albertville, Alabama), Times-Journal (Fort Payne, Alabama) and Jackson County Sentinel (Scottsboro, Alabama). He is a graduate of the University of Alabama.

Chairman-elect David Thompson discovered an anomaly in the Walton County vote count that shifted, unexplainably, a small percentage of Walton County’s electronic votes from President Donald Trump to challenger Joe Biden.

Originally asked by the Walton County GOP to review a report from election officials concerning a missing precinct’s numbers from the Nov. 3 general election, Thompson discovered the discrepancy when he further reviewed the differences in the electronic vote totals and the paper ballot audit that followed.

Stay with me here as we go over these numbers.

The electronic totals showed Trump with 37,842, Biden with 12,682 and Libertarian Jo Jorgenson with 571.

The paper ballot audit showed Trump with 37,858, Biden with 12,612 and Jorgenson with 570.

So if you do the math on how the election was electronically tabulated in Walton County, Trump lost 16 votes, Biden gained 70 votes and Jorgenson gained 1 vote. These changes were verified for Thompson by an election official.

So the anomaly in the electronic vote count went 100% against Trump, and 100% for his opponents and primarily Biden.

In a county that voted 70% Republican and 30% Democrat/other.

Makes perfect sense.

Which led Thompson to this conclusion, given the county’s overwhelming support for the president:

“The odds of votes being removed from Trump and votes added to Biden and Jorgenson are both highly improbable and suspicious,” Thompson said in a signed affidavit from Nov. 23 he supplied to the Trump legal team regarding his findings.

I think it’s important to point out Thompson isn’t accusing Walton County election officials of manipulating the vote count. He is simply pointing out that the voting machines, for whatever reason, have not correctly tabulated the election results when compared to the paper ballot hand count.

And honestly, even though it’s a smaller number, I consider the machine removal of the votes for Trump even more egregious than making up votes for Biden. Those are 16 real voters who cast their ballot and have absolutely been disenfranchised by the count, as opposed to the 70 make-believe votes for Biden from people who, apparently, don’t exist.

“What’s the big deal, Graham?” you ask. “We’re only talking about 87 votes here. There were over 51,000 votes cast in Walton County and it’s not like it stopped Trump from carrying the county or anything.”

Which is true.

But if you take that small percentage of vote change, .0017, and apply it to the 5 million votes cast in Georgia, that shifts 8,500 votes into Biden’s column. And if you assume the percentage of discrepancy is higher in some of these metro Atlanta counties that vote a higher percentage Democrat, well, you can see where this anomaly has the potential for changing the outcome of the election in Georgia.

Apply it to the 154 million votes cast nationally, and it shifts 261,800 votes to Biden.

Hmmm, all of a sudden that’s a pretty big number, and again big enough to change the outcome in several key states.

And we haven’t even gotten into manipulation of the mail ballot vote count.

Look, I don’t want to disrupt the national narrative or anything, but these are the type of facts that cause folks to question the legitimacy of the election’s outcome.

Kudos to Thompson, who took the oath of office Tuesday and begins his term in January, for picking up on this.

He’s not even in office yet and is already working hard on behalf of the people of Walton County in important ways.

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