One might think this day is one that could easily be removed from the calendars.

It’s not that I should want it removed, because it seems it has always been the day when I got a new tie and besides, it’s not the gift but the thought that counts.

Father’s Day has been around since Mother’s Day was started, but the symbolism somehow today is not quite the same as it was intended back in 1910 when Father’s Day was first practiced.

You are seeing, my children, of how men are slowly being thought of as just the providers of the “seed” needed for propagation. Our government will gladly fill in the “husband’s responsibility” any time such is needed.

Remember, such actions should never be in your lives.

Remembering from my first Father’s Day to today, I have celebrated over 50 such holidays with you and still have saved all — well, almost all  — those ties given in love.  But to me it’s not about ties but about a relationship, a heartfelt communication we have shared over the years.

I would be the first to confess I wouldn’t get the Father Knows Best medal of the year and you would probably agree to the truth of that statement. But such a father must be devoted and committed; it’s a lifetime job similar to taking a vow “until death do us part.”

I respected my father, your grandfather, and what he had accomplished in his short life span and wanted to emulate him. But the problem with that is he was human and just as imperfect as I am.

One should not emulate imperfection but learn from it. The only one Father all of us need to emulate is a perfect Father who has the perfect Spirit that touches our innermost thoughts and feelings. The one Spirit that teaches us how to love our children and to raise them up in the way they should go, to be virtuous in all that you do.

This is the foundation of, not only being able to really share in your lives, but having a real conscious relationship with our Creator.

Sadly, one needs only to watch TV and see the lack of virtue, of how hate is being magnified in the name of greed and self-pleasure.  There is only one “gift” any father can receive from his children and that is the gift of love, to be free to share your real feelings with your dad forthright even though it may hurt.

It has been said: “For a child, Father’s Day isn’t really about giving dad a gift. It is about recognizing the gift of caring that fathers convey when they help put food on the table, teach their child to ride a bike, cheer at a baseball game, smile at a graduation, give their daughter’s hand in marriage, giggle with a grandchild, and most importantly, act as a channel for God’s love to flow through you into the lives of your children and your children’s children.”

As an earthly father and a child of my Infinite Father, I offer this Father’s Day gift to you: A simple reminder that God the Father is real and present in your life. Consciously enter into your relationship with the Spirit by inwardly having a conversation with Him during the day. Let God be your inner companion and friend. Let this communication be natural and heartfelt.

He listens 24/7/365. Just remember what my Father taught me and now pass onto you. Be sincere and remember, even sincere doubt is better than insincere praise.”

Love you all,


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