As I sat across the table from Sam and April Scarborough last week, it was not hard to see how difficult it was for them to walk away.

For nine years, they have been making a difference by helping raise funds for those facing chronic, debilitating or terminal illnesses and their families. I have seen firsthand the impact their foundation and the annual Super Bowl fundraiser has created not only in Walton County but around the area and beyond. It is something that left a lasting impression on me — well, that could be said about anyone who has met Jacob Moore. I can remember the tears shed by his mother and, of course, Sam. If anyone knows Sam, they know he is a bit of a crier. But it shows how much heart he has.

To kind of put things in perspective, I thought it only fitting to include my favorite quote from the recent interview from Sam: “I get more joy out of going to the post office and getting a check for the foundation than for my business. Especially the $4 ones, because you know that you reached someone to truly give what they could.”

But anyone who has followed along on this journey knows there has been trials and tribulations, successes and stories with sad endings. I think the passing of Dahlia Minton, who was 5 years old and battled cancer since she was 11 months old, was the hardest to deal with for April and Sam. There is a picture of the couple with the child in her hospital bed and the happiness is contagious. Dahlia fought the brave fight, like many of those who have been touched by the Scarborough and Friends Foundation.

Sam noted he had more pictures of people they have helped along the way than of family — “Which isn’t a bad thing — I wouldn’t change a thing.” I have just told the stories of many who are facing death with courage, but for the Scarboroughs, these people became family.

And truly reflective of the type of people they are, the Loganville area couple are walking away from the nonprofit in the coming weeks with an important message.

“Just because we are not around, find another source to help. There are so many families out there in need,” Sam said. “I hope this foundation touched people enough so that they don’t stop helping people.”

And that is why I am sure Sam will need a towel, not a Kleenex, come Sunday.

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