Stephen Milligan is a staff writer for The Walton Tribune. He lives in Monroe and is a graduate of the University of Georgia.

Chaos is not a concept we, as a species, are very comfortable with.

It unsettles us when we feel events are not under control, that our best efforts can do nothing to stem the tide of time and happenstance rules over purpose.

Current affairs such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic especially make us uncomfortable. We can blame a war on the aggressor. A traffic accident can be laid at the feet of someone, whether a careless driver or a irresponsible manufacturer.

Even a major event like a nuclear meltdown can be tossed at someone’s feet. Heads will roll — metaphorically speaking at least — so we can feel better about correcting any injustice or poor turn of events.

 Natural disasters are harder to deal with. A tornado answers to no one and there is no one we can blame for it. Floods can apparently be blamed on incumbent presidents, at least in New Orleans, but generally Mother Nature is beyond our control.

And this virus? Who can we blame for it? How do we settle our discomfort with the chaotic times when the offender is a microbe?

Well, we’re always good at finding scapegoats.

There’s China, of course. Maybe they were just irresponsible in corralling the virus, or maybe the coronavirus was brewed in a lab to kill Western civilization so they can rule the world.

We can blame the World Heath Organization. Or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Maybe President Donald Trump hasn’t done enough. Or maybe it’s the Democrats’ fault in styming his efforts to single-handedly cure all our ills.

Conspiracy theories — the last bastion of logic and reason in the face of chaos — are running rampant online. Videos declare one thing. Articles debunk those and declare another.

Ultimately, no matter who we blame, it will only do so much to explain the unexplainable. When an event is this big, no one figure can answer for it all.

We continue to try, though. I haven’t seen their names come up yet, but it might all be a plan by the Illuminati and the Freemasons to dismantle our freedoms and usher in the one-world government that will rule over us all with an iron fist and probably usher in the rule of the Antichrist.

Also, the Clintons were probably in on it, right after they killed Jeffrey Epstein.

Or ... just maybe ... the pandemic is an event far beyond our control and all our attempts to find someone pulling the strings behind it all are doomed to failure.

Just a thought.

Then again, it could be because of chemtrails...