We all know that texting, taking photos or doing whatever else with the ubiquitous cell phone isn’t safe while driving.

And we all do or have done it.

Starting Sunday, if we are spotted by a police officer doing it, we will have  a point on our license and a few less dollars in our pocket.

Maybe, just maybe, the new law that will force us to change our habits will stop a few wrecks and even save a few lives.

Each of us probably has a streak of excessive confidence that we are focused enough that we can drive and text at the same time. But each of us has been cut off or almost hit by another driver doing the same thing.

That means at least some of us are not as good at it as we would like to think we are. So that means we all need to stop texting, chatting or whatever the latest app is while operating a vehicle.

There will be no grace period on this law. An individual officer may give you a warning, but if he or she gives you a ticket, be prepared to pay.

And, if you are a young driver who is only allowed four points before your license is suspended, know that two hands free violations equals three points.

Do it because it is the law or do it because it is smart. Just learn to drive hands free.