While the political battle over global warming and environmental issues doesn’t seem likely to die down any time soon, it’s hard to find a good argument against finding greener sources of energy than non-renewable coal and oil.

One of the best sources of such energy comes to us free right from the heavens, through the sun, and Walton EMC is now adding solar power to its power grid to fill that niche.

Solar power is a growing field and Walton EMC will now be offering its customer-owners the opportunity to tap into solar energy to fulfill their own home energy needs.

Solar energy is not a perfect solution — Georgia still has its share of cloudy, rainy days, after all — but a clean, renewable energy source is certainly worth a bit of trouble.

We commend Walton EMC for adding solar energy to its portfolio and offering local homeowners the chance to choose a different way to power their homes than the usual ways.

We also encourage local Walton EMC customers to take a look at solar energy and consider whether it is worth their time.

The more people who use such power sources, the better we can all feel about how Walton is getting its energy.

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