I have been a Walton County resident for my entire life. As a concerned citizen of our county, I felt the need to write the paper in order to reach out for help into my community.

Our Loganville community has been fortunate enough to live only 17 miles from Stone Mountain Park, a mere 33 minute drive. For many decades, Stone Mountain Park has offered nights at the laser show, field trips for Walton County students, multiple annual festivals and even close-to-home camping trips for Walton County residents.

Recently, our county has been heavily developing economically. I belive Stone Mountain Park will offer a natural reprieve from the hustle and bustle of the new stores and restaurants springing up everywhere.

However, the future of Stone Mountain Park is clouded in uncertainty.

Recent protests and political movements have begun pulling to have many statues and monuments taken away from historic sites, particularly in the South.

A Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Stacey Adams, has made it known that if she is elected governor, she will take steps toward removing the carving off of the face of Stone Mountain.

This would mean the integrity of Stone Mountain Park would be disparaged.

I ask the citizens of Walton County, please take this injustice into consideration before placing your vote for governor in 2018.

We cannot let such a beloved and significant landmark be desecrated to fulfill a political agenda.

Hannah Lou Young,