This letter is in response to last weekend’s front page article titled “Down to election wire” from staff reports and Patrick Graham.

It appears to me that Mr. Graham has a favorite in this election; why else would he write 19 paragraphs of negative dribble about Mrs. (Sandra) Shurling’s mishap two days before an election day? The other candidate wasn’t even mentioned in this article. Looks to me like Mr. Graham is grinding his axe at Mrs. Shurling expense.

Mr. Graham, are you attempting to sway voters in this race? It surely stinks of under-handed politics to me. To regurgitate all of Mrs. Shurling’s mishaps with animal control and the kangaroo court system that was put together to teach her a lesson. Of course, that’s my opinion. Special court, special judge, special prosecutor.

It actually sounds as though several of our city and government leaders got together and said, “All right, what are we doing to do about these goat living in our city limits?”

Once they reached a solution, they ran the solution up the “Special Court Flag Pole” to make it legal. And the legal system failed Mrs. Shurling miserably. Of course, that’s my opinion. I actually feel that I coined this phrase back in the good old 1950s, when I was in grammar school. My mean-spirited English teacher was giving me her opinion about me star gazing out the windows in class. I simply told Mrs. Anchor that opinions are like a-------, everybody has one.

Mr. Graham, you evidently have three of these. Yours, everybody else’s and then the one you put in print.

It would really be interesting if a special prosecutor were appointed by a higher authority to research this case, with the authority to polygraph all who that are mentioned  in your article and several more that aren’t. You too.

Mrs. Shurling is one of the most honest, caring, helpful and responsible people this city has. She will make a great mayor and ambassador for Monroe.

You owe Mrs. Shurling and the voters an apology. You went too far. Do you honestly not fear any guilt by putting this dribble in your paper two days before election day. Newspapers need to stay out of political posturing and report the news. Of course, that’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it.

C. Doug Walker,