Gov. Brian Kemp has been the face of Georgia's response to the COVID-19 pandemic. He's declared the first public health emergency in state history and ordered residents to shelter in place through the end of April. How do you rate the job he's doing?

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From the beginning I think Georgia was so misinformed! First they didn't open up testing for along time, only to if you traveled or were in contact with a confirmed cases, so when you see 40 cases in a county and that # never changes for 2 months, you now know that's impossible! So when I looked at other States compared to Ga, and how many tests a day they did in the beginning, Ga was so far behind, I still have the # of how many tests a day Ga. Did in the beginning. So that was then being spread through the communities, and because Ga was not testing it just looked like low #, making people feel safe! But when you see countys with 30 or 40 cases in it, and that # did not change because they did not open up testing for along time compared to other states, that was spreading all over! Then he didn't know A symptomatic spread! So what kind of Dr. And Scientists were guiding him when the rest of the world new about it? Then how he reopened after a very little shut down! I mean why would he go against lead scientists and Dr. To open how he did? He never spoke to Georgians and explained things, graphs, model A symptomatic so people understand! And also explain how fast airborne diseases are spread, just confused the people! Now face masks, every one in the world knows face masks help control the spread! And also knows that people just won't do it on there own! Just like there is seatbelt and smoking laws! Its just for political purpose this church going man doesn't enforce face masks! Now schools so we are one of the states with the most covid cases a day and he demands schools to open! Let's understand why, he doesn't care about your kids, Teacher's, or parents, he just wants schools open so parents can go back to work, to keep Ga economy going and Trumps! Its not about your kids! And as a parent I don't even know if I even trust all the School boards who make these decision, sad to say but with everything that has happened with Ga and covid19, I don't trust any one! Schools, Mayors is it political to follow the Governor and Kempt, some states post the inflammatory disease kids with no preexisting conditions get because of Covid19, That the CDC has concluded that its caused from covid 19, why doesn't Ga show on there dashboard like other States do of kids who got this inflammatory disease, that as if today London put out a report that these kids could have long term problems, Also that kids 10 and up spread the virus just as fast as adults per CDC! So Governor Kempt should be held responsible for these cases climbing and not shutting down again or backing off some business reopened, Like other States are Doing, also he should himself go work in these hospitals, nursing homes, that do not have enough health care workers and supplies, while he just pushes straight forward with out backing off for the economy and Trump and total disregard for the health care workers not mandating a mask law, by doing that its just a huge slap in the face for health care workers, and all first responder's and essential workers! So please learn things from outside the state of Georgia and look at news from all around the world and read from CDC website to protect you and your family! My kids are sure not going back to school in Ga,


Oh let's not forget that Ga added antibody test and confirmed cases to there daily count starting in April, that because of that inflated the testing # and destroyed the current infection rate in Ga, that the Governor and the health department admitted to, Did they tell the people of Ga that? So they can make a informed decision about schools! They did change now in there website , the antibodies test is now in a separate box, but they still add both tests to there confirmed cases a day, ruins infection rate!

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