Chris Bridges is a columnist and former sports editor for The Walton Tribune.

Kelee Ringo

Kelee Ringo returns an interception for a touchdown for Georgia in the College Football Playoff national championship game Monday night, Jan. 10, 2022, in Indianapolis.

The two heavyweights of the 2021 college football season stepped onto the field and threw everything but the kitchen sink at each other.

In the end, Georgia fans are on top of the world today as a four-decades drought ended.

Games of this nature are always tough for the team that loses, just as it is thrilling for the team that wins.

I personally know diehard fans of both programs and while some are celebrating today, others are having to deal with the disappointment of losing the most important game of the season. It’s no consolation for anyone that their team finishes second, even with a Southeastern Conference title.

You typically hear fans bemoan the fact that refs missed calls. There were certainly some missed ones in Monday night’s championship game. There were missed holding penalties. There were some missed late hits. There were some outright questionable calls.

But that’s how it is in every game really. The championship contest is under such a large magnifying glass that they seem to jump out more.

Injuries cleared played a role in the outcome as Alabama was without one of its best players going in and then lost another one in the first half.

Still, injuries are also part of football. No team is 100 percent healthy by this point although the Tide seemingly had more front-line players dealing with injuries. We were robbed by what kind of game it could have been due to injuries, however.

The first half was like a classic heavyweight boxing match with all the prestige and glory at stake.

Punch. Counterpunch. Return punch. Duck. Jab. Hope for a big connection.

Alabama seemed to be a step away, at multiple times, of gaining some breathing space, however small. Yet Georgia was there to counter and prevent the Tide from ever leading by more than one possession in the first two quarters.

As the teams went to their respective locker room corners for halftime, fans took a deep breath and hoped the second half would be when their favorite team took control.

Punch. Counterpunch. Bring on the 2022 season. You know Alabama will be back. Georgia likely will be as well. We very well could be talking about this same matchup 12 months from now. Stay tuned.

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