Tanner Greene

Loganville quarterback Tanner Greene has been a starter since his freshman year and that experience will be vital for the Red Devils heading into 2020.

While high school football teams are struggling to prepare for the upcoming season, having lost spring practice and summer workouts, one local team has a distinct advantage.

Loganville will be led by a quarterback who will be in his fourth year as a starter.

Tanner Greene was thrown into the fire six games into his freshmen year when the Red Devils starter was knocked out of the game midway through the fourth quarter. He’s been a fixture behind center ever since.

New Loganville head coach Brad Smith couldn’t be more relieved.

“It’s huge for us,” Smith said. “Not having to train a guy up. If we had a new guy, not having practice, I’d really be nervous. But he’s been in the fight.”

And he’s not come out unscathed. Greene has missed several games with injuries over the years. But when he’s healthy, he’s productive. 

Since throwing for 550 yards in just four games as a 9th grader, he’s nearly tripled those numbers the past two years. He compiled 1,526 yards as a sophomore and 1,568 last fall. 

Unfortunately, impressive statistics haven’t translated into winning season. The Red Devils have won just 10 games the past three years. 

Smith knows he’ll need a big season from Greene to begin to turn things around at his alma mater.

“If he stays healthy, I know he can put up some big numbers,” Smith said. “We’re really counting on him as a leader and a player.”

In his brief time with Greene, the coach has been most impressed with how he carries himself as a teammate.

“He’s all about the team,” Smith said. “As a senior, he’s stepped it up even more.”

For all he’s invested in the program, Greene certainly deserves to go out a winner. And if he hopes to continue his career at the next level, he needs a big season.

“He’s one of those guys that needs to play to build up his film,” Smith said. 

Certainly he’ll have the chance as the offensive leader.

“In our system, he’s not going to sit back and throw it 60 times a game,” Smith said. “But he’s going to get his chance.”

With a career 65% completion rate, Greene has displayed pin-point accuracy, mostly while standing in the pocket. 

If he can continue that trend, he could help himself and fellow seniors go out winners.

David Johnson is a correspondent for The Walton Tribune.

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