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MACON — A late start turned into a slog of a game through storm and rain as George Walton Academy went back and forth with old rival Stratford Academy.

Early in the second half, the host Eagles took the lead, diving in for a 1-yard touchdown to go up 17-14.

But GWA answered late in the quarter as Gavin Hall held on for a 5-yard quarterback keeper to regain the lead. Sully Croker's kick was good for a 21-17 score.

George Walton held a slim 14-10 lead at halftime.

Kicking off more than an hour later due to a lightning delay, the Eagles scored early, returning a Bulldog fumble 47 yards for a defensive touchdown less than three minutes into the contest. 

GWA responded quickly, mounting a 65-yard drive capped off by a 4-yard touchdown dash by Ben Ellerbee to tie the game.

The teams then settled into a battle of attrition, trading punts and fighting for every yard as rain began to fall on the conflict. 

The Eagles were a yard from the end zone when the conditions raged, forcing a fumble they recovered to instead kick a 20-yard field goal for the slim 10-7 lead. 

The Bulldogs marched deep into the red zone, only to give up a sack on third down — which somehow saw the ball squirt into another Bulldog’s hands and run in for a touchdown and 14-10 lead.

The Bulldogs tried to stretch that lead just before halftime but instead threw a long interception. One play later, Jake Whitten would intercept the ball back, but the Bulldogs were unable to move the ball before the end of the half.

George Walton (2-0) is off next week and plays host to Union County on Sept. 25.

News Editor

Stephen Milligan is the news editor of The Walton Tribune. He lives in Monroe and is a graduate of the University of Georgia.

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