Taylor Tinsley

George Walton pitcher Taylor Tinsley led the county in ERA and strikeouts during the 2020 season.

In what was unusual season to say the least due to COVID-19, local softball teams continued to show why Walton County is a hot-bed for the popular girl’s sport, especially on the stat sheet. Five local teams qualified for the state playoffs, with three (George Walton, Loganville and Walnut Grove) advancing to the Elite Eight before seeing their seasons come to an end.

Unsurprisingly, George Walton pitcher Taylor Tinsley absolutely dominated the pitching stats. Finishing atop almost every category this season including strikeouts where she had an eye-popping 226 strikeouts on the year.

The next closest to Tinsley in strikeouts was Loganville’s Ashleigh Miles who logged 148 on the season followed by Aubrey Garrett with 101 strikeouts. Not far behind Garrett was Walnut Grove’s Emily Byers who completed the year with 83 Ks.

Tinsley finished the season with a 0.28 ERA, followed by her teammate Caroline Conner at 1.51. Miles and Garrett tied for third in the county ERA stats with each posting a 1.58.

As far as pitching records go, Miles led the way with a 19-9 record followed by Byers at 16-7. Tinsley finished third in the county at 13-2 followed by Conner at 8-1.

On the offensive side, George Walton’s Riley Wilson recorded the highest batting average in recent years with a .507 average in 67 at bats. Walton County had six batters finish above .400 on the year including Loganville’s Brooklin Lippert (.434), George Walton’ Alana Griffith (.430), Walnut Grove’s Nova Wright (.429), Social Circle’s Tara Poole (.417) and Monroe Area’s Maycee Stone (.405) and Gracie Maddox (.400).

The top four RBI totals on the year belongs to Loganville’s Katie Plummer. She finished the season with 28 followed by Walnut Grove’s Grayson Perry (26), Conner (25) and Poole (25).

Walnut Grove’s Cassie Boatright reclaimed her title as Walton County’s home run champion by blasting 10 home runs this season. The next closest to Boatright was Loganville’s Sarah Glick. Glick notched 7 home runs before her season was cut short by a knee injury. Conner and Stone had five home runs each on the year while Wright hit four.

Stats were unavailable for Loganville Christian.

Walton County Pitching Record

  • Ashleigh Miles, Loganville, 19-9
  • Emily Byers, Walnut Grove, 16-7
  • Taylor Tinsley, George Walton, 13-2
  • Caroline Conner, George Walton, 8-1
  • Jenna Yeary, Walnut Grove, 6-4
  • Aubrey Garrett, Social Circle, 5-3
  • Grace Kendrick, Loganville, 2-3

Walton County Strikeout Totals

  • Taylor Tinsley, George Walton, 226
  • Ashleigh Miles, Loganville, 148
  • Aubrey Garrett, Social Circle, 101
  • Emily Byers, Walnut Grove, 83
  • Caroline Conner, George Walton, 72
  • Macy Langley, Social Circle, 34
  • Jenna Yeary, Walnut Grove, 28

Walton County ERAs (Minimum 25 innings)

  • Taylor Tinsley, George Walton, 0.28
  • Caroline Conner, George Walton, 1.51
  • Aubrey Garrett, Social Circle, 1.58
  • Ashleigh Miles, Loganville, 1.58
  • Emily Byers, Walnut Grove, 2.04
  • Jenna Yeary, Walnut Grove, 3.03
  • Grace Kendrick, Loganville, 3.06
  • Macy Langley, Social Circle, 4.10

Walton County Batting Average (Min 35 ABs)                

  • Riley Wilson, George Walton, .507
  • Brooklin Lippert, Loganville, .434
  • Alana Griffith, George Walton, .430
  • Nova Wright, Walnut Grove, .429
  • Tara Poole, Social Circle, .417
  • Maycee Stone, Monroe Area, .405
  • Gracie Maddox, Monroe Area, .400
  • Caroline Conner, George Walton, .382
  • Macy Langley, Social Circle, .381

Walton County Home Run Totals             

  • Cassie Boatright, Walnut Grove, 10
  • Sara Glick, Loganville, 7
  • Caroline Conner, George Walton, 5
  • Maycee Stone, Monroe Area, 5
  • Nova Wright, Walnut Grove, 4
  • Grayson Perry, Walnut Grove, 3
  • Riley Wilson, George Walton, 3
  • Katie Plummer, Loganville, 3
  • Lindsey Lumsden, Loganville, 3
  • Anna Waites, Loganville, 2
  • Macy Langley, Social Circle, 2
  • Tara Poole, Social Circle, 2
  • Gracie Folds, Walnut Grove, 2

Walton County RBI Totals

  • Katie Plummer, Loganville, 28
  • Grayson Perry, Walnut Grove, 26
  • Caroline Conner, George Walton, 25
  • Tara Poole, Social Circle, 25
  • Kaitlyn Johnson, Walnut Grove, 24
  • Nova Wright, Walnut Grove, 23
  • Cassie Boatright, Walnut Grove, 22
  • Alana Griffith, George Walton, 22
  • MC Sorrell, Loganville, 22
  • Alexa Wykoff, Social Circle, 22
  • Macy Langley, Social Circle, 22

Brett Fowler is the sports editor of The Walton Tribune. He is a 2016 graduate of the University of North Georgia and a 2010 graduate of Monroe Area High School. Brett has been covering Walton County sports since 2011.

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