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Tom Spigolon

News Editor | Covington News


Tom Spigolon is the news editor of The Covington News.

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A prospective applicant visits the Bridgestone Golf booth at the 2021 Regional Job Fair at the Georgia Piedmont Technical College conference c…

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Signs guide guests at the 2021 Regional Job Fair in Covington, Ga.

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Former Sen. David Perdue campaigns at a rally on Tuesday afternoon, March 1, 2022, in the Fair Play Park in downtown Rutledge, Ga.

RUTLEDGE, Ga. — Former Sen. David Perdue on Tuesday harshly criticized Gov. Brian Kemp for working to recruit electric vehicle maker Rivian to…

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A forum featuring 10 Republican congressional candidates was able to expose a few differences for voters despite all displaying ultra-conservative views of government needed to appeal to voters in the eastern Georgia district.

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Lloyd Kerr speaks at a reception honoring his years of service as the Newton County manager Dec. 20, 2021, in Covington, Ga.

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